HomeTechnique Classes - The Bent Brush of Cape Coral

We offer the instruction and all of the nifty tools you will love using to craft your masterpiece. You just pay for the class ($15.00) plus the piece you paint.

Tuesday , Thursday, Saturday 12pm – 2pm

Friday 6pm-8pm

Sunday 1pm – 3pm

No Experience Necessary!!!  We promise.

Masking Painting

Painting on top of tape, paper or stickers to create cool patterns

Sgraffito Painting

Use one of our scraping tools to scratch out a cool design

Splatter Painting

Use one of our specialty brushes to make a colorful project

Shaving Cream Painting

Mixing shaving cream and paints to create a unique design

Bubble Painting

Mixing dish soap and paints to create a

bubble effect, great for aquatic designs

Ombre Painting

We’ll teach you how to create a

gradient from one color to another

Galaxy Painting

Learn how to create a deep space project with our sponges