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September 15, 2020by Jeff Clapp

Both the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts have merit badge programs, and for good reason. Both of these organizations seek to prepare boys and girls for a lifetime of leadership and success with value-based development that builds character.

In many ways merit badges are so much more than a badge of accomplishment because they provide scouts with the opportunity to try out different activities, learn about things beyond their daily school coursework, and experience adventures they may never have had the possibility to do. Often scouting creates the inspiration for kids to pursue careers they may never have considered or to discover hobbies and past-times that they enjoy for a lifetime afterward. No matter what the end result is, badges give scouts the opportunity to have fun!

At the Bent Brush, we offer several activities that may help your Boy Scout Troop or Girl Scout Troop earn badges while having a great time, and we love teaching Troops about our favorite crafts. Here are just a few badges we can help your Troop earn:

Girl Scouts

• Brownie Painting Badge: Whether it’s painting pottery, or creating board art, we have lots of ways to earn this badge.


• Brownie Potter Badge: There are lots of different ways to make pottery, and we’d love to show your Troop a few of them.


• Junior Jeweler Badge: Bring your Troop in to learn metal stamping to make their own personalized necklaces or bracelets.


Boy Scouts

• Art Badge: We offer many different types of art at The Bent Brush, from board art to mosaics to pottery painting and even glass fusion.


• Pottery Badge: Whether your Troop members want to create a sculpture or hand-build a pot, we can teach them about the properties of good clay, how to use potter’s tools, historical design and more.


 Sculpture Badge: As a working artist studio, we can be an educational visit and we can teach them how to create their own sculptures in clay.