MosaicsMaking Mosaics Creating Peaceful Patterns - The Bent Brush of Cape Coral

August 12, 2020by Jeff Clapp

As human beings, we are always looking to make meaning and create patterns. Whether they are patterns of behavior or visual patterns, we usually do it to create some calmness out of chaos. Mosaic art is such a satisfying way to feed that need. After all, mosaics are an art form made of small broken pieces of glass, pottery, stone or mirror. You sit down with these tiny tesserae (the official name for those broken pieces) and glue them to a surface to create a pattern that may or may not resemble a realistic looking image.

The most wonderful thing about mosaics is that it is an art form that is so accessible to anyone, young or old, not matter what your artistic ability is. We often hear people say, “I’m no artist, I can’t even draw a straight line.” Well, no lines needed for this art form.

This art form is a way to create beauty from brokenness, and as such it is often used as a form of art therapy. It is satisfying in the way putting together a puzzle is, except you get to choose the outcome of how that puzzle will look in the end. We take these broken pieces and we transform them into a new image, they undergo a metamorphosis into this new piece of art, which has wholeness to it and integrity. From tiny individual shards of color, suddenly an entirely new image appears like magic! 

Mosaics manage to be both three-dimensional and two-dimensional in a way few other art forms are. They can be made to go on the wall, or to be part of a pathway underfoot. They can cover an entire wall or an entire floor as a mural. They can be used as trivets for hot plates, or as a frame for a photo or mirror. 

Come in to the Bent Brush today to try out our mosaic projects. Don’t worry about not having any experience with it, Nate or Dania are typically available to help out with instruction to get you started.