Glass FusionTechniqueLooking for Your Next Crafting Addiction? Try One of Our Glass Fusion Classes! - The Bent Brush of Cape Coral

September 10, 2019by daniasmith
When it comes to crafting, we are excited to be on many people’s favorite places to go to for “things to do in Cape Coral.” That’s why we have diverse crafting options that go beyond painting pottery. One of the other craft projects that we offer is glass fusing. Like pottery, glass fusing is a fired art, so it worked perfectly to add it to our offerings at The Bent Brush.
Glass fusing is the process of taking different pieces, sizes, colors, and shapes of glass and creating a design in which those pieces of glass are layered together and placed into a kiln where it melts or fuses together. You are literally melting and bonding together the glass to form interesting new patterns and textures. The glass can be “tack fused,” which means to heat them just enough that they stick together, but retain their own individual shapes and color characteristics. We can also do full fusing in which the glass is fired long enough to melt the glass into a molten stage merging the pieces smoothly into one another.
Glass fusing can be used to create tiles, dishes, night lights and more. Despite its intricate appearance, the process of fusing glass together is actually quite simple. We have all the right tools and safety gear to get you started and we have all kinds of colors and shapes of glass to create a dazzling work of art. After choosing the colors and shapes you want to use, the finished piece can be created as a decorative flat piece or art or it can be shaped into a 3-dimensional piece such as a bowl or vase or candy dish through the use of “slumping.”
If you are new to this kind of crafting, we offer classes, so feel free to check out the classes tab on our website to find out about them. No worries, we work with beginners every day, and we can help you confidently create a work of art you will be excited to display in your home or give as a gift! Come visit us today at The Bent Brush and create a glass fusion masterpiece you’re proud of!